about Shiv Shakti Jyotish Karyalay :-

Astrology is a science. It is based on calculation. We are in to this profession right from our ansestors. My forefather was a Rajpurohit in the kingdom of Vadiyar Raja’s darbar in the south karnataka.This is our sixth generation in astrology. Our main motive is to spread astrology knowledge in various ways, so we can connect to the maximum masses and preach them about astrology and give them the right guideline. Astology is a sort of Information Technology (Suchna Prasarak Madhyam), Which enhances, about past, present and future. We give the proper scientific solutions related to the problems which are in the individual person’s horoscope (Kundali). If there is a certain problem in the Kundali we solve the problem through Shastrokt, Vedokt and Puronokt patterns. Which is going on in our Hindu culture from several decades. We solve the problems which is related to an individual professional as well as personal life, such as financial issues, Health issues, Marriage problem, mental depresson, Physical problems through Mantrajap, Vidhividhan and through Pujan. We are specialised in Mukhlakshna (Facereading), Hastarekha (Palmistry), Vastushastra and Horoscop reading. ACHIEVEMENT : GOLD MEDALIST, JYOTISH SAGAR AWARD, JYOTISH CHUDAMANI AWARD, JYOTISH PARANGAT AWARD, VAASTU VISHARAD AWARD.

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